Why Wear White?

It's the pressing question – we tend to ask ourselves time and time again as we select garments to buy. That internal debate, between what feels fresh and new (usually an item in white), versus the safer darker hue – which you’ll probably get more wear out of. It’s the play of – logic vs. a feeling while shopping. 

But let’s be honest here, do we ever feel truly alive, when we play it safe? The predictability of the black and navy color scheme ensures an individual that they won’t stick out or even get noticed. You delightedly fall into the background of life, moving along without ever being questioned or complimented for your sartorial taste, because safe is already accepted.

However, we know you’re way more exciting than that, you enjoy the feeling of walking into a room and being acknowledged, perhaps receiving a bit of admiration for being so sophisticated with your attire.

And that’s why we’ve –created all of our garments in beautiful, shades of white. Not as a way to be perceived as pretentious or lacking edge. But more as an awakening, a piece of clothing that you’re proud to wear over and over again, because you feel like an elevated, and refined version of yourself.

In short, this is why we love and wear white.